France Allard

CPA Auditor, CA

France Allard is a founding partner of Allard Matte and has been with the firm since 1993. She previously worked...

Paule Matte

CPA Auditor, CA

Before jointly founding the Allard Matte firm in 1993, Paule Matte worked in a medium-sized firm...

Lucille Leblanc

Administrative Assistant

A contributor from the outset, Lucille Leblanc joined the firm when it was founded in 1993...

Mark Normandeau

CPA Auditor, CA

Mark Normandeau has worked at Allard Matte for more than 20 years. He was previously a financial...

Charles Gauthier

CPA Auditor, CA

Charles Gauthier began his career in certification in 2010, developing solid expertise through certification assignments...

Jean-Alexandre Larivée-Côté
Jean-Alexandre Larivée-Côté

CPA Auditor, CA

Jean-Alexandre Larivée-Côté is a dynamic young accountant who graduated from university in 2015...

Solange Toutée

French Expert-comptable

Solange Toutée began her career as an auditor's assistant and then senior auditor for various accounting firms in the Paris area...

Karine Picard

Accounting Technician

Karine Picard has more than 15 years of experience as an accounting technician. She acquired her expertise...

Stéphanie Sousa Avila


Stéphanie Sousa Avila has some ten years’ experience in corporate and professional settings. Accounting therefore no longer holds any secrets for her...


And company!

We have also developed a network of expert consultants who join our team on assignments requiring specific knowledge in the following sectors.

● Canadian tax law
● American and international tax law
● Canadian consumption taxes
● Business appraisal
Purchase and sale of businesses

We therefore can provide you with a full range of services and the right professional, whenever they are needed.