To assist you internationally, Allard Matte Inc. works with its French partner Arfeuille et Associés.

The collaboration between the firms allows for a joint approach when rolling out a new business or implementing a new venture.

Our clients benefit from on location support, resources and advice.

Our partnership gives you :

● access to extensive knowledge of the European market

● relevant foresight concerning regulatory differences,

● rapid and efficient implementation of legal and tax solutions.

Arfeuille et Associés


North America

A foreign business roll-out requires a strategic approach, a promising market and, obviously, good allies on location. We mobilized our resources to better assume this role as well as to support our European clientèle.

Set up in 2003 by Paule Matte, this team encompasses all the knowledge and the skill required to successfully roll out your new business venture in North America :

● Extensive knowledge of the local market

● Ability to make the connection between the differences in Canada and Europe regarding :
- Accounting standards
- Taxation

● Close proximity to the U.S. Eastern seaboard

● Ad hoc network of specialized partners in Canada and abroad

Businesswoman with suitcase in airport